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Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
Consumer Services, DIY
Project Year
2014 - ongoing
Content strategy | Content production | Social media management | Monitoring and analytics

Dutch-based DIY specialist, Praxis, believes that anyone can build, make, and create things with a little guidance. Its mission is to help people realise their passion and potential for DIY projects by providing practical tips and inspiration to make things at home. 

The client hopes to foster a community of DIY enthusiasts through social media where people can get expert DIY guidance from the Praxis team and inspire each other with their successful projects.

What we worked on

Step-by-step videos

In collaboration with Praxis’ DIY experts, we developed a series of instructional videos that simplify complex tasks into simple and easy to follow steps to help enthusiasts build and create for themselves.

The videos are shared across Praxis’ social media platforms and various others, including the Praxis online shop where customers can easily buy everything they need for their new DIY project with one click. 

Social media management

We have worked closely with the Praxis team to formulate a robust new social media strategy that is aligned with the company’s wider marketing objectives. In the beginning, we focused primarily on Instagram and Facebook and after a few months, we began leveraging Pinterest. Finally, we also took over Praxis’ social media advertising operations.

Our goal is to create and promote useful and inspiring content that fosters an enthusiastic DIY community in the Netherlands.

Our team is in charge of the creation and publication of all Praxis’ social media content, including monitoring and reporting of analytics and customer data. After a year since taking over the client’s organic and paid social media efforts, the results have improved dramatically.


Social media

During the first year, we helped grow the number of Instagram followers by 25%.

We also helped boost engagement metrics across both Facebook and Instagram, obtaining great Quarterly YoY results:

  • Organic engagement +55%
  • Likes +71%
  • Comments +89%
  • Saves +464%


In addition to our social media efforts, the instructional video series we develop on behalf of our client, combined with their blog content, drives between 15,000-20,000 monthly clicks to the Praxis website.

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