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South Africa
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Cape Town-based Ginkgo Agency required a brand new platform for their product Beautiful News, a positive news source releasing stories at 4:14 pm every day. We needed to design their platform and develop a suite of key features and functionalities, including an elegant solution to display Today’s Story from a list of categorised stories.


Our team of developers and designers created new Channels and Editions functionalities, as well as Advanced Search, Podcast and My Account features. The team also developed a Google Voice Assistant to go with the site. To try it out, just simply say: “Hi Google, talk to Beautiful News” on your Android smartphone.

Furthermore and very excitingly, we developed a new Contributor Hub, a platform where the community can submit new story ideas and participate in the production of stories around the world as ideators, creators and patrons.


The Beautiful News mobile-first web application is based on Drupal 8 technology and the Google Voice Assistant created by the team is accessible via Android Smart Devices. Simply Say “Hi Google, talk to Beautiful News” and start brightening up your day with the best new good news stories.

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