Creativity-led, data-driven

What We Do

Grover combines creative flair and storytelling, with data and technology - keeping your brand at the heart of it. We support corporations with outstanding branding, content and marketing services to allow them to stay relevant and thrive, in an ever-changing world led by tech.

How We Do It

Whether you are an established company or a startup, we are equipped to support you in your social media and content strategy and development, ensuring it is in line with your brand voice and values. We also help you monitor and analyse your activities, and define the best ways to boost your online presence. You don’t need to go for the full package; our team of experts can contribute at any part of the process, and will fit within existing processes or create new ones.

How Are We Different

We offer a unique combination of branding and content experience. How can you best engage with your audiences while staying true to who you are and what you stand for?

Technology is nowadays essential for companies and brands to best engage with and meet customers’ expectations. Being part of WeAreBrain gives us access to the best tech experts, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be applied to your business.

Our team

Our team - led by Paula Ferrai - is made up of brand specialists and marketing experts, able to innovate and support your branding, content and social media needs. With considerable years of experience, each team member brings value to the range of services we offer.

Born in Amsterdam, Grover is part of the award-winning WeAreBrain Agency Group. This means tech is in our DNA and we are able to guide you through these ever-evolving times thanks to our knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.


Our beliefs

Boldness and diversity

We believe in being bold, embracing differences, standing out, while staying relevant.

Curiosity and adaptability

We believe in being curious and open to new concepts, staying nimble and being able to adapt.


We believe in the incredible power of words and images to grow businesses; they should be used in the right way, for the greater good, to bring positivity to the world.