Bringing screen-free entertainment to kids

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Benelux, Spain, Portugal
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Creative Strategy | Content Production | Influencer Marketing

What is it?

Tonies® has brought back screen-free entertainment for children. Designed for kids ages 3 years and up, this award-winning system consists of the Toniebox player and audio figurines (called Tonies) which when paired with the Toniebox, start playing engaging and imagination-inspiring audio content.

What we worked on

Campaign ideation and Benelux launch 

We developed engaging creative campaign concepts around each theme for the launch into the Benelux market. These included Disney classics, Sounds of Summer, and Creative Tonies campaigns. We also designed a new layout for the Creative Tonies stories and accompanying instructions.

We were responsible for the execution and delivery of creative assets for each campaign across different touchpoints, including newsletters, social media (paid and organic), and website media. We also provided support for the creation of various video assets used throughout the launch campaign.

Our team also translated the content into English, French, and Dutch to cater to the different markets.

Influencer marketing

We curated a selection of nano, micro, and mid-level social media influencers for each campaign to help promote the Tonies brand and products via Instagram. 

We looked at the audiences of specific influencers and determined whether their reach, age, demographic, percentage of real followers (not bots), and engagement rate would suit the Tonies brand.

Our role was to source, brief, negotiate, and communicate with the influencers to help promote the brand to their audiences. It was important that the influencers we selected were the right fit for the brand that the Tonies audience could identify with.

After selecting a preliminary group of over 100 influencers, we presented the client with a choice of 15 influencers who would serve the brand well with influencer marketing initiatives.

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