Developing a brand Identity for Changamoto

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What is it?

Changamoto, a business development consultancy, specializes in identifying and seizing new market opportunities, fostering strategic partnerships, and executing impactful marketing campaigns. 

With over 15 years of experience in business development and marketing to telecommunications and cloud computing, Changamoto consultancy helps businesses achieve their growth and innovation goals. 

The client needed a professional logo and a compelling PowerPoint (PPT) template to enhance his brand presence.

What we worked on

Our creative team designed and developed the logo and the PPT deck template.

The goal was to combine the seriousness and professionalism that a consultancy has to communicate, with the creativity and innovation that it brings to its clients.

To align with the consultancy's name, Changamoto (meaning “challenge” in Swahili), our team incorporated elements reflecting energy, freshness, and a commitment to overcoming challenges. 

The logo design represented the seriousness of the consultancy profession, while the incorporation of African elements added a unique touch. The result was a logo that not only represented professionalism but also showcased the dynamism and forward-thinking approach of Changamoto.

Once the logo was created, our team crafted a comprehensive PPT template building on the logo’s colours and elements. This template was tailored to meet all professional needs, offering a variety of slides suitable for different purposes.

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