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The challenge

Inholland is a Dutch-based university of applied sciences that offers degrees and research programs across various fields, from innovation and business to technology and media. 

The university’s department of People and Health required a digital platform to be used as part of their Social Work curriculum. 

They needed a single sign-on (SSO) solution to combine their educational content with a discussion forum in which students could exchange ideas, opinions, and material throughout the academic term.

Our solution

Our team delivered precisely what Inholland’s People and Health department required and created a bespoke e-learning platform that combines the two requested features within the same environment:

  • Content pages with learning material
  • Discussion forum for students and teachers to interact easily with each other

What makes this e-learning platform unique is its SSO functionality that creates a single environment for both its content and forum. Forums usually require a separate environment with their own login. 

In addition, students are able to upload and download assignments, as well as sign up for webinars and events, directly on the platform.

We also got our UX and UI gurus to redesign the interface for an improved and seamless user experience. 

Visit the platform here.


We used Invision Community to design the e-learning platform with its SSO functionality.

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